2016 Summer CampsThe Business Is Jammin’ program focuses on introducing youth (ages 8-15) to entrepreneurship as an alternate career choice, while stressing the importance of education and personal development, in a fun and energetic environment. These weeklong, fun-filled, interactive business camps take young people through the different stages of starting and running a business. During this summer camp, our Youth Coordinators will be delivering several entrepreneurship workshops to youth, exploring the characteristics of an entrepreneur, techniques for idea generation and engaging creative thinking exercises.
The activities are interactive and help to develop academic essential skills like math as well as learning about personal entrepreneurial traits. As the camp week comes to an end, the Youth run their own Business for a Day. This is a valuable learning experience that will foster the development of the attitudes, skills and characteristics needed in an entrepreneurial culture.

Ages: 8 – 15
Time: 9am – 4pm, Mon – Fri
Registration Deadline: One week prior to each camp.*Dates & locations may be subject to change

Camps Available / Locations: 

  • Halifax north branch July 2nd-6th, July 9-13th, July 16th-20th, July 23rd -27th, August 6th-10th
  • Halifax Central Library August 20th-24th
  • Halifax Sackville Library Camp July 30th -August 3rd, August 13th -17th
  • Dartmouth Woodlawn Public Library Week of July 2nd, Week of July 16th, Week of July 30th, Week of August 13th
  • Nelson Whyder/North Preston Week of July 9th, Week of July 23rd, Week of August 6th, Week of August 20th
  • Sydney Whitney Pier Boys and Girls Club Week of July 9th, Week of July 23rd, Week of August 6th, Week of August 20th
  • Sydney Membertou Week of July 2nd, Week of July 16th, Week of July 30th, Week of August 13th
  • New Glasgow Ward 1 center Week of July 9th, Week of July 23rd, Week of August 6th, Week of August 20th
  • New Glasgow Square Week of July 2nd, Week of July 16th, Week of July 30th, Week of August 13th
  • Kentville/Wolfville/Windsor NSCC Kingstech Campus July 16-20, July 23-27, July 30-August 3rd
  • Yarmouth/Shelburne Black Loyalist Heritage Centre Week of July 9th, Week of July 23rd, Week of August 6th, Week of August 20th
  • Yarmouth Employment Services Centre Pier One Complex Week of July 2nd, Week of July 16th, Week of July 30th, Week of August 13th
Business Is Jammin’ (BIJ) in partnership with United Way Halifax is organizing and running a Community Garden project (CGP) that aims to empower African Nova Scotian youth between the ages of 8-18 through social entrepreneurship/enterprise.
Under United Way’s Neighborhood strategy, BIJ is investing in a CGP project to increase opportunities for youth to participate in the community, provide ways to empower/engage the community of all ages and to have youth believe that they have the power within themselves to create a brighter reality for themselves, and for others, than they in the past thought was possible.
The community Garden project will aim at helping youth start social enterprises in their communities and empower youth to feel they have more choices for their future and the confidence to carry out their choices, through education and the practical “hands on” approach of growing and operating a small local business is a goal we can all contribute to.  To foster an inner environment of generosity in a grassroots philanthropy approach, where the youth feel empowered in giving back to their community and making a difference in the lives of others.

Architecture and Planning Program


Experiences in Architecture & Planning is a free program whose purpose is to introduce African Nova Scotian youth to the discipline of architecture and planning as a viable career opportunity and a mode for expressing their culture. Through an experiential learning model, this program will help youth to not only explore architecture and planning as a viable vocation choice, but also recognize the inherent potential dwelling within each one of them to form, shape and contribute to the culture of Nova Scotia through buildings, sustainable community planning and other structures, and through drawing and art, by using kinesthetic learning.


Date: May 18th 2018
Location: School of Architecture on Spring Garden Road
Time: 9 am-4 p.m.

RBC iCode+ Program

The RBC iCode+ program is designed to provide hands on basic computer literacy training and computer programing training to youth ages 16 to 29 years old in the Black and minority communities; with the purpose of building their minds, knowledge and skills while encouraging participation in higher education and equipping them for the possibility of gaining employment or pursuing entrepreneurship.
Through RBC iCode+, Business Is Jammin’ wants to ensure that the benefits of technology-based learning are extended to disadvantaged communities as well. While most students may have access to good computer equipment that allows them to learn technologies at their schools, many of them lack access to these at their homes or in community settings.

Role Models on the Road

Business Is Jammin’ (BIJ) this past year has had a major focus on engaging youth in the rural areas. BIJ’s outreach emphasis and objectives are to encourage youth to stay in school, the importance of education and to introduce them to entrepreneurship as a viable alternative career choice. Through one of our programs Role Models on the Road, the BIJ team has engaged youth in a number of schools.
Role Models on the Road is an hour long panel where African Nova Scotia entrepreneurs speak to youth in schools, community groups, and other youth centered programs. This program promotes awareness about entrepreneurship, as we stress the importance of education. Each panelist volunteers their time speaking to youth about their career path, what their work entails, and to offer some words of advice and guidance about the importance of staying in school, setting goals and entrepreneurship.