Social Entrepreneurship Camp | FREE!
Ages 8-14 | July 2 – August 30 | 8:30am-5:30pm

Our goal at Business Is Jammin’ (BIJ) is to expose youth to entrepreneurship, social enterprise, education, and personal development through experiential learning, and BIJ’s Social Entrepreneurship Summer Camps makes this a reality.

While stressing the importance of our goal, in a fun and energetic environment, this program offers youth (ages 8-14) the opportunity to operate their own businesses and learn how entrepreneurship is a viable career option. Through July 2 to August 30, join us as we engage youth through interactive workshops and hands-on activities that teach youth about the different stages of starting and running their own businesses. Each activity will touch base on essential academic skills such as math and as well as learning about personal entrepreneurial traits, like innovation, confidence, and determination.

We want our youth to have a voice, most importantly have a positive impact. The campers will tackle issues, environmental and social, that matter to them and their communities by creating these businesses with a purpose to give back. Each week, the youth are able to sell their products during the Business for a Day activity. This valuable learning experience that will foster the development of the attitudes, skills, and characteristics needed in an entrepreneurial culture.

Camps are located across Nova Scotia. Click your location for more details and to register!