BIJ seeks to inspire youth entrepreneurship and social enterprise through experiential learning.

While we understand that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, we can help to grow and foster not only the entrepreneurial mindset but that of intrapreneurs, dreamers who do, and take the initiative to create innovation within their workplaces, for example. BIJ therefore provides programming that enables youth to develop the mindset and use it to influence and grow their own communities and the economy at large. Through experiential learning we expose youth to non-traditional career paths and give them the opportunities to find their strengths in areas that may not have otherwise been apparent to them.

Experience In

Experiences In strives to introduce African Nova Scotian and racially visible youth to careers where they are underrepresented. The long-term goal of the program is to affect an increase in the participation of ANS in these fields, resulting in a more diverse sector.

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Role Models on the Road

This program promotes awareness about entrepreneurship, as we stress the importance of education. Each panelist volunteers their time speaking to youth about their career path, what their work entails, and to offer some words of advice and guidance about the importance of staying in school, setting goals, and entrepreneurship.

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March Break Online Biz Kidz Camp

This free week-long business camp focuses on leadership and entrepreneurship through education and personal development, while in an energetic and interactive environment. Youth will explore how their passions can become innovative business ideas.

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Me and my caregiver bootcamp

Black Wellness Co. will be hosting a bootcamp on Sunday, July 25th at 10:00am. “Me & My caregiver” bootcamp. You can workout alongside a guardian or parent. We will be doing some mediation, yoga, stretching, etc. We will also finish with a picnic in the park!

Snacks provided by us.

Ages for youth: 8 to 16.


Tie-dye with Taya Ties

The response for this workshop was SO great, and we want all the kiddos to be able to attend, so we have one more day with Taya.

First workshop will be held on July 25th at 2 pm (full). And we have opened a second one for those who got left out. This July 28th at 2 pm (spots available).You will receive a box with all the materials you need!


Scavenger Hunt Photowalk

This July 27th join our BIJ team in a Scavenger Hunt around the ocean. Learn mobile photo techniques that will make your pics stand up. We will start with a photowalk and end the day having ice cream by the water!

Ages for youth: 8 to 16.


Entrepreneurship talk with tREv Clothing

In this entrepreneurship series, you will learn from young black local entrepreneurs and their story. How their starting point looked like, and what are the projections for the future.

Ages 18 to 30.


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